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Eisenhower Elementary & Community Center Remodel

Location:  Hopkins, MN

Size/cost:  80,000 sf / $9,600,000

Description: While working as a designer for Cuningham Group Architecture, PA, a large international firm, I was part of an “Education Studio” that specialized in schools of all kinds.  The team was excited to renovate an existing school structure that was originally designed in a true modern aesthetic, but had been modified for mediocre energy savings in the ’70s.  Our tasking was to instill the lost modern qualities of the existing building and amplify its utility to the neighborhood by converting it to an elementary school and provide new community center amenities (pictured below).  A dining & cafe facility in addition to evening meeting and adult vocational education areas now meld with spaces modified to accommodate children and accentuate their learning.

Wetlands Cafe Dining

Wetlands Cafe Dining


Main Dining

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