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West Seattle Atelier

Location:  Seattle, WA

Size/cost:  560 sf / $72,000 (construction complete summer 2010)

Description: An interviewer, photographer, and playground designer, the client desired a modernist detached studio office for isolated creativity, an elevated platform for viewing the Olympic Mountains and waterways of Puget Sound, all while preserving their back yard space & with hopes of expanding the garden.  At the Client’s request, I also served as the construction lead.

Alley view during construction

Alley view during construction

•  Challenged with setback and height regulations, we were able to provide an intimate, relaxed workspace filled with natural light, natural ventilation, and a visual connection to the greenery of the back yard and vegetated roof.

Green roof during construction

Green roof during construction

•  Commanding views of the Olympic Mountains, waters of the Puget Sound, and occassionally Mt. Rainier are enjoyed from the rooftop cedar deck, affording the client to bask in unimpeded sun.

Access from yard

Access from yard during construction

•  A vegetated roof with 12” of ammended soil and south-western solar exposure will accommodate virtually all vegetable varieties and herbs for year-round production. Rainwater is retained in barrels below and pumped via solar panel back up to the roof level as looped irrigation, which also allows for easy nutrient analysis and control.


•  A spacious garage/welding shop beneath the green roof was augmented with electrical upgrades.

Site plan

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